Internal Communication Strategy, Design and Video Production for the world leading accountancy firm

We worked with EY within their Global HR Team, developing a communications strategy and associated materials.  This included in depth discovery into internal audience groups and segmentation to develop the comms plan.  This was rolled out via a channel strategy covering print materials, videos, sharepoint site setup and document management as well as Yammer social groups and content.

The EY Guidelines were strongly adhered to, working closely with the EY BMC team to ensure the new elements we introduced were happily taken onboard, which they were and continue to be used.



EY Talent Teams

Video Production

Working with the Global HR Team we produced numerous live action and animated videos. These included interview with Leadership and Teams as well as animated infographics, communicating stats and strategy in a much more engaging way.

Interactive Leadership Tools

We created an interactive change simulation game with themed collateral including a video.

How to Host a Transformation is based on the format of the How To Host a murder game. The setting is 1920’s prohibition era in America, a time of immense change. Each player is assigned a role, a profile and a set of objectives with the aim of immersing each character in a situation that evokes.