Brand Identity, Guidelines, Collateral Design, Website Design and Build

Remedium came to us needing a complete rebrand, along with collateral production and a website. Being key recruiters of Doctors for the NHS, they needed to be strong and professional but dynamic and flowing to inspire doctors of the future. 

Having defined their key values and proposition already, we were equipped to delve deeper into understanding their audience needs and brand personality through team workshops.  In parallel, we began scoping the website requirements and UX in order to deliver in a tight timeline.

Working with the amazing, passionate Remedium team has been an absolute joy, especially when their work equipping our NHS with the best permanent doctors is so incredibly important.

We continue to work with Remedium on their Content Strategy and ongoing Website improvements and look forward to much success.



Brand Guidelines

Detailed brand guidelines were developed to support the roll out and continual use of the brand.  We developed templates for all uses including Powerpoint, Word and Social Media, customised across business areas to ensure everyone was equipped to use the brand quickly and easily.  As part of the launch campaign, we presented to the Remedium team, as a group and individually in order to capture any issues or concerns and to help get everyone engaged and excited.

Remedium Guidelines
Remedium Guidelines
Remedium Merchandise
Remedium Guidelines
Remedium Icons

Website Design & Build

The Remedium website is design and built on the WordPress platform with integration into their Bullhorn Application Tracking System to automatically post jobs and collect applications and registrations.

The clean, bold design across the website and all social media assets has much improved their visual impact with great response.  Registrations of desperately needed doctors for the NHS has increased x10 and direct applications to jobs continues to grow and reach a larger audience.

A full Content and SEO strategy is now underway, working with Remedium to increase reach and response internationally, helping to solve the UK healthcare crisis with the recruitment of permanent doctors to the NHS.